Classic Burma (Myanmar)

From AU$ 3020 12 Days
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  • Yangon Yangon
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12 days From AU$ 3020


Get set for discovery as you explore Myanmar (Burma) and discover a country of mythical landscapes, ancient treasures and some of the friendliest folk you’ll ever meet. Admire the glittering spires of Shwedagon Pagoda, and the ancient temples of Bagan, relax with the tranquillity of Inle Lake and the feel alive with buzz of Mandalay. Myanmar is a country that is still largely undiscovered; it will excite, impress and intrigue you. Discover the rarely seen sights and embrace the stories waiting to be told.  You will fall in love with the magic of Myanmar.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 Yangon

The 12 Day Classic Myanmar adventure begins at the former capital, Yangon.  Yangon means ‘End of Strife' and this city has been through tough times, surviving protests, natural disasters and economic uncertainty, this city remains the commercial, historical and cultural heart of Myanmar. Soak up the unique atmosphere of this irrepressible city and be dazzled by its glittering temples.


Day 2 Mandalay

This morning we set off to explore the legendary Shwedagon Pagoda, which is said to include eight strands of the Buddha Gautama’s hair.  It attracts an extraordinary mix of monks, pilgrims, worshippers and tourists. Enjoy the morning learning about the history, spiritual significance and beauty of this ancient complex.   We then catch a flight to Mandalay, Myanmar’s ‘Jewel City’ where we are set to savour the sights, sounds and flavours of this bustling metropolis.


Day 3 Mandalay

Today we go water bound, as we set sale up-river to witness Mingun, poised to be the world’s largest pagoda. Enjoy a stop at Amarapura and watch the sunset over the U Bein Bridge, built around 1850 and at over 1km long it is believed to be the oldest and longest teakwood bridge in the world.  A sunset here is a must.

Day 4 Mandalay

Enjoy continuing our trip up river travelling to Pyin Oo Lwin, the former colonial hill station. We then stretch out our legs with a climb to Mandalay Hill where we are rewarded with a spectacular sunset view.

Day 5 Bagan

Today we climb aboard a ferryboat (weather permitting) for a relaxing cruise down the majestic Ayeyarwaddy River. Keep your camera at hand, as we observe river life as we travel, including the idyllic fishing villages dotting the riverbanks. We then arrive in Bagan, the ancient city in central Myanmar and experience one of the most impressive archaeological wonders of Asia, with more than 2,000 Buddhist monuments and the ornate Ananda Temple, built in 1091, you will be left humbled.

Day 6 Bagan

Take advantage of a full day to explore the eerily silent surrounding plains of Bagan.   Discover some of the 4000 plus structures bearing testament to a glorious past.  With so much to explore you will appreciate having a full day of exploration here.

Day 7 Bagan

Get your heart pumping as we explore the mystical Mt Popa, an extinct volcano that is thought to house local spirits and deities. For those who like to work up a sweat, why not climb the 777 steps to the shrine at the top. We then return to Bagan, and leave the city behind us as we visit a nearby village to learn more about traditional culture, and enjoy practicing our Burmese language skills as we mingle with the friendly locals.

Day 8 Inle Lake

We wave Bagan goodbye, as we board our flight to Heho, the gateway tor Inle Lake. On arriving back on land, we enjoy a short scenic drive through picturesque countryside and rolling hills to our final destination, 


  • Hotel, Resort

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